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大德: 3B+http%3A%2F%2Furoxatral.iror.info%2F+%26quot%3B%26gt%3Buroxatral%26lt%3B%2Fa%26gt%3B++Taiwan%26amp%3B%23039%3Bs+President+Ma+Ying-jeou+has+rejected+Mr+Xi%26amp%3B%23039%3Bs+suggestion%2C+saying%3A+%26quot%3BWe+fully+understand+and+support+Hong+Kong%26amp%3B%23039%3Bs+demand+for+universal+suffrage.%26quot%3B+Giving+Hong+Kong+people+the+right+to+choose+their+own+leader+would+be+a+%26quot%3Bwin-win%26quot%3B+situation+for+Hong+Kong+and+China%2C+he+added.%3CBR%3E+


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