Mr. Steven Thair

Mr. Steven Thair found seeds from the bodhi tree in Bodhigaya in winter 2007. They became 15 seedlings, about 3 inches high, as of August 2008. He is willing to share it.

From: Steven Thair


when i was sitting under the bodhi tree in bodh gaya this past winter, a seed pod fell in front of me. the guide said i was welcome to it. he told me the legend that whenever a new tree is planted one person will attain enlightenment while seated under it.

i have about 15 seedlings now, about three inches high. anyone interested in one may contact me.

i live in saskatoon, canada. anyone knowing how to winter ficus religioso in severe climate please let me know how.

Thank you

You may contact Mr. Thair at steventhair _AT_ hotmail D0T com. (Replace _AT_ with @, D0T with .)